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Mothers’ United Voices (MUV) is a project started by the founder of Mothers for Justice United, Maria Hamilton who organized the 2015 Million Moms March in Washington, D.C. It is an extension of its Mothers Voices project that is elevating and amplifying the matriarchs of the movement by exposing their truth after losing a child to police and vigilante violence. These women are showing their strength by sharing their stories and the pain that is often covered by the spectacle of the headlines. These mothers mourn but choose to share, hurt but choose to heal, have suffered loss but choose to fight.

Maria is currently working with Angelique M.Davis, Associate Professor of Political Science at Seattle University, on the Mothers’ United Voices (MUV) project.

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Read Angelique Davis’ Op-Ed,  “Why black mothers live in fear of the police”

See Maria at the Democratic National Convention with the Mothers of the Movement!

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